Our parish council is the local authority in Ryedale, North Yorkshire that makes decisions on behalf of the people of Westow, Firby and Kirkham. As such it is usually the first place people will go to with ideas or concerns that affect the local community. The most common topics that arise are planning matters (the parish council are statutory consultees), crime prevention, managing open spaces, campaigning for and delivering better services and facilities. Whilst the parish council has limited powers on its own to make decisions we do have the ability to negotiate with, and the power to influence, those other organisations that do make the final decisions (such as the district council, health authorities, highways agency, police etc).

Westow Parish Council has eight Councillors and a Parish Clerk. Councillors are appointed for four years and can apply for re-election after that time. Individuals can also be co-opted should the need arise. The Council usually meets six times a year at Westow Village Hall and members of the public are also invited. Meetings last about two hours, depending on the agenda. All meetings are advertised on the council notice board and minutes are also placed there, as well as shared on the website. Residents can bring to the attention of the parish council anything that concerns them, either directly or though the clerk. If matters raised are not the responsibility of the council, the clerk can bring them to the attention of the proper authority.

Contact: info@westow.org.uk


  • Helen Crews (Chair)
  • Angela Fothergill (Clerk)
  • John Smith (Treasurer)
  • Neil Johnson
  • Christine Smith
  • Elizabeth Shields
  • Geraldine Burton
  • Richard Bannister
  • Pennie Hamer

Precept and Annual Budget

The Precept is a tax charged on each property in the parish to fund the parish council. It is used to fund all the activities that the parish council undertakes for the benefit of the community.