Westow Parish Council Meeting –Wednesday 10th January 2018– 7.30pm

Attendees: S Graham (Chair) SG Angela Fothergill (Clerk) Robin Graham (Treasurer) Margaret Thompson (MT);) Neil Johnson~(NJ); Mike Smith (MS); Pennie Hamer (PH): Helen Crews (HC); John Smith (J Smith)); Christine Smith (C Smith)

Apologies: The minutes from Novembers meeting were proposed by RG and seconded by NT as a correct record.

Clerks Update – AF had received membership renewal application from SLCC it was agreed by the Council to pay the subscription of £41 AF to forward cheque to SLCC
AF and RG had reported the pothole and road condition around the village via email and the Parish Portal – many of the potholes had now been seen to and repaired.
Budget and Finance
Precept 2018/2019 – RG informed the Council that the precept form had been submitted to RDC for the 2018/2019 year and the amount submitted was for £2300. There had been no increase on last year.
Planning Applications
There had been no planning applications since November’s meeting.


Some discussion took place regarding the weight restriction over Kirkham Bridge, HGV’s still seemed to be using the bridge and it was advised that if anyone sees this happening to get the company of the vehicle and also the registration number so that the PC can report them.

It was agreed by the PC that better signage on the A64 is needed to stop/warn HGV’s of the weight restriction of the bridge.

AF to email James Malcolm from Highways and ask him what the situation is with regarding to signage for the weight restriction of the bridge.

Kirkham Bridge would be closed for a 6 week period which is due to start on the 22nd January. CS to see if she could find out if the road would be open on an evening/night when works are not going on.

The meeting ended at 8.10 p.m.
Next meeting 7th March 2018

Finance Decisions (for audit purposes)

Decision Amount (£)      SLCC    £41

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